New World Combat has what you need. Whether for Competitive Fighting, Fitness, Self Defense or Combat, we offer classes and personal instruction for Civilians, law enforcement and military.


MUaY THAI (thai Boxing)

The national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai has survived the test of time relatively unchanged through the centuries. With its' focus on punching, kicking, elbow and knee strikes, Muay Thai has become the most dominant force in competitive striking. Muay Thai not only provides one hell of a workout (with some students averaging 900-1000 calories per hour) but also maintains many aspects of fighting that translate well for real world or street applications. Not to mention Mixed Martial Arts. At New World Combat, our Muay Thai classes are divided into levels, allowing students to train at their own pace and regulate the level of intensity they wish to participate in. Everyone is welcome. As long as you work hard and stay focused, Muay Thai will do the rest for you.



close quarter combatives

Not just another Self Defense course. Not just another quick fix combat program. New World Combat's Close Quarter Combative program is an in depth study of real world, tactical fighting techniques with no sport aspects.

In New World Combat's CQC program you'll not only have the chance to practice scenarios involving functional, modern combat but also be given the tools and techniques to actually become good at what you practice. NWC offers instruction in both offensive and defensive skills involving empty hand, knife, impact weapons and firearms. Go beyond the purely 'defensive' actions of some programs and the "sport" aspects of others. Our classes will give you the tools and education needed to help you survive the reality of violence in the world today. 



submission wrestling/mixed martial arts

Arguably the most popular fighting sport in America, Mixed Martial Arts fighting has found its way into mainstream culture across the Globe. Here at New World Combat, we offer an avenue to those that wish to pursue MMA and see what it's all about.

With its roots in both Grappling and Striking, MMA has proven to be not only entertaining but able to showcase athletes from around the World with exceptional strength and stamina. At NWC, our MMA program is not open to everyone. Students must first complete and show proficiency and discipline in our Muay Thai classes. When they are ready, students will be welcomed to train and compete in this full contact, physically demanding sport.


Strength and conditioning

Train like a professional athlete in our functional strength and conditioning classes. With a focus on bodyweight exercises and the use of simple strength training tools, we can fine tune your body into the machine it was meant to be. All levels of athleticism are welcome and everyone will see improvements. Whether training for your next fight or getting in shape as a personal goal, New World Combat will help you reach the top. 

License to carry

New World Combat and Instructor Francisco Sanchez-Zambrano are fully licensed by the State of Texas to teach its License To Carry/Concealed Handgun course. Currently New World Combat offers its LTC classes at periodic intervals to private groups. With New World Combat's extensive background in combative arts, we offer an insight into your training and class that few others can. For more info about our LTC/CHL classes please email us directly or subscribe to our Blog for updates. Don't hesitate to exercise the rights and privilege afforded to the law-abiding citizens of the State of Texas.