Totems (Ojibwe Dodaem)

Have Long Been Used By Cultures Around The World To Represent Spiritual Beliefs, Sacred Objects Or A Group Of People. Here At New World Combat We Have Created Our Own Totem Which Represents An Ascension In Martial Discipline.



To many of the indigenous peoples of North America, Thunderbird is the most revered of all supernatural beings. Akin to the Dragon of Eastern cultures, Thunderbird is the most powerful and wisest of all creatures. Etched in the lore of so many cultures, Thunderbird has become that which we could only dream of being. Nevertheless, it sits atop our Totem as a goal, no matter how intangible. Striving to be the best and most honorable in all our day to day actions and throughout our lives.  


Perhaps the most questioned animal of our Totem, Mouse portrays that which is truly difficult for many to achieve. Sitting high on our Totem illustrates the importance of Mouse and its representation of humility. Before we can reach the culmination of our training we must learn to be humble. To acquire an understanding of our insignificance in this vast Universe. Humility is a multi-dimensional attribute and is considered by many as a necessity for leadership.  


Rabbit shares its place on our Totem as a symbol of fear. Fear has the ability to paralyze us in both combat and our day to day lives. Keeping us from fighting or attempting to reach our goals. We must all learn to master our fears. We all get scared but it is what we do in the face of fear that makes us brave. 


For millions of years Shark has roamed the oceans. Its near perfection has led Shark to the top of its food chain. A reminder that through our own pursuit of perfection in technique, we too can rise to the top. When necessary, an unrivalved ferocity, speed and aggression allows Shark to take down most any prey. Attributes that all Warriors need to emulate.  



Snake has been with us since ancient times. Often revered across cultures as a symbol of fertility, Snake has also been viewed as a symbol of transformation and rebirth. With the sloughing of its skin Snake shows us that we too might need to make changes throughout our lives. Snake also bears elements of stealth and potency that any Warrior should admire.



Found in all corners of the Globe, Spider has shown its ability not only as a predator but to adapt to whatever the environment. With its many eyes, Spider suggests that perhaps we would do well to see things from different perspectives. With its many legs, perhaps we could learn to be as agile and maneuverable.


With strength well beyond its size and a resiliency that few have, Ant has persisted as one of Nature's most formidable creatures. Ant shares its place with us at the bottom of the Totem where we must first have a strong base and an ability to work together as a whole.