New World Combat is Fort Worth's First and only gym specializing in traditional Muay Thai and close quarter combat.


Our Mission

New World Combat strives to pass on the finest in martial training and technique as well as imparting a "never give up" attitude to its students. We want to give you the tools needed to be a champion in and out of the ring. Through hard work, technical repetition and sacrifice, you can walk with confidence knowing that you can take care of yourself, your loved ones and your property.

Your attention to detail and great knowledge of combative arts has helped other officers as well as myself with our day to day operations. I would recommend your training to any agency who seeks to cross a greater bridge of defensive tactics.
— S.V. former Supervisory Police Officer DHS/ICE/FPS, active Protective Operations Division CIA
I began training in Muay Thai and Close Quarter Combat just before my 59th birthday. I’ve now been there for 8 years. Francisco is training real fighters not only for competition and self defense, but also for life. The training has kept me physically fit, mentally agile and has given me the fortitude to overcome great tragedy. If you want to train hard with great people, New World Combat is the place.
— W.C. Stripling, Attorney
In 2016 I was overweight and not happy with the lifestyle that I was living. I knew it was time for a change. Learning the art of Muay Thai at New World Combat not only became my hobby, but completely changed my life for the better. I’ve lost 80 pounds through hard work and dedication. I’ve never felt as confident in my own skin as I do now.
— B. Drake

What We've Achieved

  • Privileged to have trained Civilians, Military and Law Enforcement since 1998.
  • 2010 IKF World Classic Muay Thai Champion Mario Martinez 130lbs.
  • 2010 MTAA/WBC Muay Thai Amateur National Champion Mario Martinez 130lbs.
  • Team Texas vs Team Minnesota 2009 Muay Thai Champions.
  • 2008 Fort Worth, Texas Golden Gloves Champion Adam Gill 170lbs and runner up Mario Martinez 135lbs.
  • Home of 2012 Elite Fighting Champion Marc Ayub.
  • 2017 IKF Muay Thai World Classic Amateur Runner ups Breanna Drake and Chandler Wagner.