5 Strikers The World Should Know. And Guess What... They're Not In The UFC.

Often times because of the environments we live in or whatever limitations may exist in local broadcasting companies, we are not exposed to the vast amount of content that the World has to offer. The same could be said about fighters that havent been exposed to all the talent and tests that are out there but nevertheless, hold World titles. This is definitely not the case for the women below. Each of them has busted their asses fighting the best of the best from around the Globe. If management didn’t bring the fights to them, then they actively sought out competition on their own. The skills that these women have in striking goes far beyond anything offered to us in such limited amounts in events such as the UFC or similar.  They have spent thousands of hours mastering their craft. Truly honing their skills and it shows. Some of them are at the height of their careers and others have long since passed their time in the ring. No matter what the case, these are the women people should be thinking of and discussing when it comes to the best female fighters in the world. These certainly aren’t the only ones but these are the ones you definitely want to know.                                                                                                                        

In no particular order:

Iman Barlow - Not often do fighters of either sex display all the tools of Muay Thai when they fight. Nor do they often make it entertaining. This one does. And she makes it look pretty. 

Jackie Short - Not the most fluid of fighters but one of the toughest. She’s there to fight and she has done so effectively, many times. Oh ya, she also has a bad ass foot jab. 

Christy Martin - Undeniable power. Fluid movement. Foot work. She has it all. Christy Martin needs to be known and needs to be remembered. With struggles in and out of the ring she persevered. Check out her story in the link below if you have time. Christy Martin goes hard.



Lucia Rijker - Probably the most well known of these fighters, Lucia Rijker has definitely earned it. An impressive kickboxing and Muay Thai career. A tremendous professional boxer. She has a level of discipline that we could all learn from. She’s just damn good. Training. Hard work. Sacrifice. Power. 

Nong Thoom - Also commonly known as “The Beautiful Boxer”, this one comes with a bit of controversy. And rightly so. Nong Thoom was born a man and had an extensive career fighting men in Muay Thai. Despite being openly trans, that didn’t deter Thoom from kicking ass. There’s still a stigma for some that gay or trans men can’t fight. Later in Thoom's career he decided to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Thoom returned to the ring a few years later. Though some would say not quite as strong as before, Thoom was still a formidable opponent for both men and women. 

All of these fighters should be admired. Not only for their skills but some of them also for their character. If you’re a fighter or maybe a fighter in the making, take a look at these ladies and take notice of the work they’ve put in.

The World is big. Don’t settle for the limited amount of info thats fed to us through manipulated avenues. Dig around. Find the videos. Read the books. Then make up your own mind about who’s the best. Don’t let biased promotions shove another ‘pretty’ face down your throat. Theres more out there. A lot more.