Ride The Wave

Life will sometimes give us a chance. A totally random moment without warning. Call it motivation. Call it opportunity. Maybe it's a new year. Maybe it's an emotional event. Whatever the case, Life offers us moments of clarity and courage that we need to take advantage of. They aren't always there so we need to recognize them when they come. We need to get on that wave and ride it as far as it will take us. Keep pushing during those times. Keep fighting. Face fears. Get more done than you normally would. Whatever you do, don't squander the opportunity. The waves don't last forever but you can ride some of them for a long time. At some point we're gonna wipe out and when that happens all you do is get your ass back up, stay focused and wait for the next wave.

Unlike the Ocean, our lifetime is limited, minuscule. Make the most of it. Go places. Do things. Add chapters to the story that is your life. Don't be another boring ass book on the shelf though. We have plenty of those already. Push your limits. Not through decadence and idiocy but through positive efforts that challenge your mind and body. I want to read your books.

In the United States we share some of the most beautiful and unique natural resources. Without a passport we can travel from rain forests in the Pacific Northwest to tropical reefs in Biscayne Bay Florida. With deserts and mountains in between. This country has a wealth of beauty and it deserves to be seen firsthand. Don't just watch other peoples adventures in HD. Make your own. You can't go wrong in any of the National Parks in this country. Speaking of which, below is a video from Canyonlands National Park, Utah. A magical place. Put it on your list. Wherever you end up going just make sure you put some boots and a pack on or jump in your vehicle and head off the beaten path.

and memories may last for years but names are just for souvenirs
New World Combat. Worldwide. White Rim Trail - Canyonlands, Utah. U.S.A

New World Combat. Worldwide. White Rim Trail - Canyonlands, Utah. U.S.A