New World Combat's CQC Classes and Other Fun Stuff

In a saturated market of quick fix "self defense" classes, what makes New World Combat's CQC different? It's simple. NWC's Close Quarter Combat classes offer both lethal and less than lethal offensive and defensive training. We won't waste your time by trying to turn the class into a strength and conditioning workout (that's what other classes are for). We'll get right down to it with scenario driven training, functional skill development drills and proper technique.

Most training programs focus on quick intensive training sessions. Which certainly have their place. Especially, if someone already has extensive martial arts training. But what about if you're new to the game or your department never actually showed you how to do something with correct technique. Well, then it leaves you hindered. If we aren't able to walk, then we will never be able to run properly. We have to ask these questions:  Will a training program designed to make someone an instructor in a weekend actually give me what I need to get good? Will the instructor be able to address my individual training needs? Certainly any training is better than none and plenty of programs have helped save peoples lives. But in the end, in order to get good at anything, we have to train and we have to train with proper technique. It boils down to drills, scenarios, proper techniques and the hugely popular Force on Force situations. By the way, Force on Force training is an essential part of CQC training but it's certainly not the only part. At NWC you'll get the right dosage of Force on Force training at the right time.

Try something new. Try something different. Or, add to your existing resume. New World Combat's CQC classes - 11am The Last Saturday of every month. For more info please visit our schedule or class pages or email us directly.

A beautiful fight with exceptional fighters. One lost to us too soon and the other an integral part of American Muay Thai.

We should always be supportive and proud of our local fighters. But, sometimes a fighter's self-image can get a little cloudy. This isn't to downplay anyone's skills but rather keep them focused and help them push on. Maybe they too can reach the level of these DFW legends one day. Take a look at the following links to some of our local greats. They're certainly something for DFW to be proud of.

Paul Ayala -

Billye Jackson -

Guy Mezger -

Troy Dorsey -

That's it for me this time folks. Take care out there and get some good training in.